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We have six distinct finishes available, each with its own unique characteristics. All are made from the same type of raw stone which are fettled and finished in different ways to give myriad attractive pieces. All share the same sterling silver fittings and chains, the only difference being that larger pendants are hung on longer chains.



These are the nearest to the raw stone. After fettling and polishing, the motif pressed into the rear of the stone is etched with acid to give a frosted effect, which highlights the design.

Simple and sophisticated, they are best when worn against a black background.



  Aurora Borealis

This range takes its name from the metallic finish that is applied to the rear of the stone, which resembles the gentle shimmering of the Northern Lights. Very unusually, these stones throw different colours depending on their background. Against a pale backing they may show yellow or pale pink, but with a dark colour or even black behind them, they may show as blue or purple. 

Because of the hand-made nature of the stones it is not always possible to accurately predict which colours will show, but you can be sure of getting at least two pieces of jewellery in one stone!


Ice Blue 
These have a similar type of metallic finish as the Aurora, but in this case it is always a deep lustrous blue, shining brightly in the light. 200- 


Again we employ a chemical finish but in this case it is applied to the motif and the edge scalloping. The backs of the stones are polished flat and clean to enhance the light reflection. Helio stones have a wonderfully colourful appearance and throw a shiny rainbow of reflections around the lucky wearer.


 Our most recently introduced range.These are very similar to the Heliotrope stones but are all the same colour as wild heather bells. A subtle finish, but with sufficient radiance as to be very versatile.  600


Hand Painted 

Our hand painted stones pick out the details of their motifs in individual colours. Always bright whatever the lighting, they can add a subtle splash of colour to any outfit. Some stones are only available in this range, particularly our flower designs.

And look out for our Scottie dogs, too!