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Our crystal jewellery is probably unlike anything you will have seen elsewhere. All made and decorated by hand, our pendants and earrings sparkle with the varied colours of our Celtic nations. Many of them also have motifs reminiscent of our landscape or folklore.

They are often bought as a memento of a happy trip or as a gift that allows returning travellers to take home to others a little of our world.

Pressed by hand from semi-molten crystal glass by craftsmen, the stones (as we call them) are all fettled and polished by hand. Some of them then undergo special chemical treatments to etch a frosted surface into the motif or place a lustrous shiny covering on to their back. Others are painted by hand with bright and hard wearing colours.

The stones are then fitted with sterling silver fittings and hung on 18" sterling silver chains. Finally they are carefully packed into specially designed boxes, along with a small explanatory leaflet.

You can read more about the jewellery items we offer in the informative notes available from the menu above. We hope you enjoy reading about our jewellery.