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The Frosted range shows the stones in their most natural, unworked state. The motif is etched with acid to ensure it stands out clearly and then the stone is polished thoroughly.

All are mounted on sterling silver fittings and chains, presented in our very own display and presentation boxes.

sterling silver

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Earrings, Frosted, Bluebell, Oval
Earrings,Frosted,Bluebell, Oval..
Earrings, Frosted, Bluebell, Teardrop
Earrings, Frosted, Bluebell, Teardrop..
Earrings, Frosted, Thistle, Teardrop
Earrings, Frosted, Thistle, Teardrop..
Pendant, Frosted,  Bluebell, Large Oval
Pendant, Frosted  Bluebell, Large Oval..
Pendant, Frosted, Celtic Cross, Small, Teardrop
Pendant, Frosted, Celtic Cross, Small, Teardrop..
Pendant, Frosted, Shamrock, Round
Pendant, Frosted, Shamrock, Round..
Pendant, Frosted, Shamrock, Teardrop
Pendant,Frosted, Shamrock, Teardrop..
Pendant, Frosted, Shamrock, Triangular
Pendant, Frosted, Shamrock, Triangular..
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle,  Medium Triangular
Pendant, Frosted Thistle, Medium Triangular..
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Medium Oval
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Medium Oval..
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Medium Teardrop
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Medium Teardrop..
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Small Teardrop
Pendant, Frosted, Thistle, Small Teardrop..
Pendant, Frosted, Yacht, Large, Round
Pendant, Frosted Yacht, Large, Round..
Set, Frosted , Pendant 108 & Earrings E108
Set, Frosted, Pendant 108 & Earrings E108..